Wedding Inspiration: Married in Lavender

Lavender Wedding Gown are the newest bridal trend!

When it comes to wedding dress colors, options abound these days. We’re lucky to be able to explore styling beyond the expected white, but when wearing a non-white gown, what makes it bridal and keeps you from just looking like another bridesmaid? The answer to that is not always straight forward and is often in the details.

Designing Non White Wedding Dresses for the Non-traditional Bride

The quality and texture of the fabric is paramount, as is the styling. When designing with color I usually find myself gravitating towards textiles with a lot of dimension - think layers of fibers in various colors that combine to form one overall hue with a unique glow, or the additional of subtle metallic threads to give it a barely there sparkle. In the case of the Nemoria gown here, we have both of those things plus a gorgeous 3D chevron pattern. We developed this fabric at one of the best mills in Italy and because it’s exclusively woven for us, you won’t see it used anywhere else! Add a unique asymmetric back keyhole and a sweeping dramatic train and there will be no doubt who’s the bride!

Wedding Gown: Nemoria | Wedding Photographer: Amanda Watson

Happily Yours,
Carol Hannah