We can't wait to host you at our NYC Flagship!

We like to think of our studio as a little hidden gem in the garment district.  Our cozy space perched above the city is set up to be a low stress environment where you have full run of the show.  We only see one bride at a time and you have a dedicated stylist who will be your point person from purchase to pickup.  

Flagship gowns

Shopping for a wedding gown should be incredibly fun!
Here are a few tips to help keep it that way when visiting our studio...

We do require appointments: we only work with one bride at a time so that we can give you our undivided attention and the best service possible. You’ll have full run of the shop so you can have a relaxing and intimate experience!


All of the gowns you will be trying on are samples. Once you select your style, a new one will be made and customized just for you! Our sample gowns range in size from original runway samples of size 4s up to size 24, with the majority between size 6 and size 12. Our samples will rarely fit you perfectly, but your stylist for the appointment is also part of our design and production team, so she will walk you through exactly how each style will fit you when it is your size and correctly proportioned to your body. We are able to produce gowns up to a size 32. 

It's best to limit the number of people you bring with you to one or two trusted friends/family members. Too many opinions can be overwhelming and confusing. Sometimes it is helpful to come to your first appointment solo and then bring your entourage in to view the finalists at another appointment. Our space is limited, so we don’t recommend bringing more than 4 guests. If you do require a larger party, just call ahead and let us know.

Set your budget. We certainly won't stop you from trying on any gown in our studio, but nothing's worse than falling in love with something outside your comfort zone, so we find it's best to keep budget in mind when making your selections to try on. Our gowns range from $2000-$11000 with most falling between $3500-$6500.  Don’t forget about alterations, which are typically around $850.

If you're trying on gowns for the first time ever, keep an open mind and try on an assortment of different silhouettes and styles. You might be surprised by what you respond to, and we'll make suggestions too!  Your stylist is here to listen, guide, and provide as much helpful information as possible - no pushy sales tactics here!

For the sake of our delicate, painstakingly made gowns, kindly avoid wearing heavy makeup or jewelry that could damage them during your visit.