A truly custom fitting experience:

For our direct brides, we offer custom alterations services.  Instead of making your gown and then deconstructing it for alterations, we actually build the gown on your body throughout the production process, fitting each layer before adding draping and embellishment. This results in a custom fit gown with perfect proportions without the stress of alterations on the textiles.

The best part?  You can rest easy that the style lines of your gown will be exactly as you want them and how we intend them, regardless of whether your measurements fit perfectly into our size chart or if your body changes through the process.

You should expect to have around three to ­four fittings and budget around $850 for this service.  Your stylist will work with you to ensure the most seamless (pun intended)  and least stressful schedule and logistics according to your event plans and needs. 

We often work with clients from out of town and are happy to provide more info about the process. 

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