Custom Wedding Gowns, Mother of the Bride/Groom, and Eveningwear

We offer two options for custom gowns: customizing an existing style in our collection or working with Carol Hannah to develop a completely new, one-of-a-kind style from scratch to suit your vision.

The final cost of completely custom gowns varies quite a bit by design and materials, but generally start around $7000. We also frequently design custom gowns for mother of the bride or groom and evening gowns for galas and other non-wedding events!

This is the basic breakdown of how things work when working with the designer on a completely custom piece:

1.  Consultation with the designer:

You’ll sit down with Carol Hannah to discuss what you're looking for, style, silhouette, things you want to emphasize or hide, general feeling of the event and venue, etc. You'll want to bring any inspiration pictures or references with you (we love seeing your Pinterest boards!), and it's a good idea to have done enough shopping around to know what silhouettes are the most flattering on you by this time. What is it that you are having trouble finding? What adjectives would you use to describe the gown you want?

2.  Design Presentation:

A week or two later, Carol Hannah presents you with sketches, ideas, and fabric choices. We’ll look at silhouette options, textiles, colors, and nail all the little details down. Once you finalize your style and fabrics, we can give you the actual price of the gown. This price is all inclusive of everything down to fitting and bustling, and will not change unless you make major changes to the style during the process. The design often evolves a bit during the fittings, as things often change when you put them on an actual body (yours!), but the change would have to be significant to impact the cost (like going from a sheath to a ballgown). No surprises here!

3.  Custom Gown Fittings:

We schedule fittings and overall timeline. The final fitting occurs two weeks before the wedding with pickup the week of, and we back up from there to set the initial fittings. Custom gowns usually take about 4 to ­5 fittings, often beginning with a basic muslin pattern test.  We can also accommodate out of town brides by doing multiple fittings in one trip.

Looking to customize an existing style in our collection?

Easy-peasy! We do this daily and would love to talk you through all the possibilities.