Love Me Do Photography

Inspiration: Coralia and Ianassa at Globe Dye Works by Love Me Do Photography

Coralia and Ianassa are two very different dresses that were both captured expertly in this inspiration shoot from Love Me Do PhotographyIanassa, our iridescent silk chiffon wave gown, and its gorgeous blue-greens billowed beautifully against the exterior, industrial backdrop. And our more structured Coralia was hauntingly framed by the raw and faded interior at Globe Dye Works. 

Dress: Ianassa (iridescent silk chiffon blue gown, see more here) and Coralia (linearly banded gown, see more here) | Images: Love Me Do Photography | Hair and Makeup: Aleksandra Ambrozy | Location: Globe Dye Works via Birchtree Catering | Dress: Coralia by Carol Hannah from Lovely Bride.

Happily Yours,

Carol Hannah