Wedding Inspiration: Black and White Florals

Black and White Wedding Palette

We are in the black and white mood these days! We love this wedding trend of chic monochromatic tones with a moody twist! Dark need not mean gloomy! The black accents act as a fun modern contrast to to an otherwise creamy palette, making this classic pairing feel oh so fresh.

Wedding Separates in A Whimsical Print

One of our favorite things about bridal separates is how easy it makes putting your own take on a look. You can style these pieces a myriad of ways to find your perfect unique wedding day statement! Seen here with the Kensington tank in black, our Anthorium skirt is an artful piece for the bride-to-be seeking some whimsical flair!

Wedding Skirt: Anthorium | Wedding Top: Kensington Tank | Wedding Photographer: Charla Storey

Happily Yours,

Carol Hannah